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Rescue a dog mobile application

Overview: After looking for a dog online, I noticed the process can be very frustrating. I challenged myself to design a solution that would address some of these painpoints.

Role: UX Designer / IA / ID / Visual Designer

Problem: Searching for a dog to adopt online can be time consuming and frustrating

Solution: Designed a mobile application that allows users to easily view dogs from shelters

Designed: 2016

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Competitor Analysis


  • Being able to view a dog’s picture, name, and location
  • Ability to favorite a dog and view history
  • Easy to favorite or dislike a dog with swiping
  • Cannot filter by breed
  • Can only view one dog at a time
GooglePlay Rating: 4.2
Usability Rating: 88/100

Usability Review Breakdown

Features and Functionality
  • Dog’s gender and medical history are not available
  • Buttons are missing labels but use meaningful icons
  • Clean and uncluttered
  • user must click on dog to see more information
  • Button represented as a cog icon is not standard to a search or filter icon
  • Simple and use appropriate controls such as a radial button and slider
  • Cannot filter by breed
Content and Text
  • Standard text was appropriate and caters to a dog lover’s audience
  • Dog descriptions are either very lengthy or only have the owner’s email
  • Application is missing a help section and a place to gather feedback

Usability Rating: 88/100

Content Audit

  • Navigation is clean and consistent
  • Missing a Contact Us and Feedback section
  • Stats page seems unnecessary for a user
  • Drives sales by linking to other applications and company website

Research Results

Affinity Mapping

Important features that users want:
  • Avoid seeing dogs from puppy mills
  • Indicate if a dog has medical history
  • Show a list of rescues from shelters
  • Ability to create appointments from the application and receive notifications if appointment is running late or is cancelled

User Personas

Card Sorting

Key takeaways:
  • Most participants placed appointment scheduler under owner profile
  • Most participants placed breed information with dog information
  • Dog process and Is this dog right for me both were introduced as new categories

SiteMap and Taskflow


Created paper sketches and used POP app to gather user feedback. Findings are:
  • Users favored simpler design
  • Information icon was unnecessary
  • Icons for history actions were confusing
  • users preferred seing text for scheduled appointments





To view final prototype in more detail visit: